From hoodies to uniforms, Under Armour clothing to team paraphernalia, we have the athletic wear you are looking for. We provide sporting teams with their official game time wear, we also help kids of all ages look their best while playing hard!

  • How you look and how you play
    Our goal at SavOn, when it comes to athletic wear is to equip athletes of all ages with the gear they need to be excellent on the field. If a kid feels good about how they look, they are more confident playing the game. If an athlete’s equipment fits correctly they can focus solely on their performance. The way they look and dress and feel has an effect on their belief for the outcome of their game. Confident kids have a higher chance of success.



Our bottom line at SavOn is really all about the finish line for the athletes that we serve. When you finish first- whatever the sport- we finish with you. Your success literally begins and ends with your footwear.

  • Footwear for the Modern Athlete
    Technology has made enormous strides in footwear over the past decade. Now, we offer expert advice and provide you with the perfect shoe for your position. We can also make recommendations based on the rules of the game, as well as the style of your play.


Specialty Gear

Looking for stopwatches or zebra stripes? SavOn has you covered for all the specialty gear needs. Contact us today or come see the selection yourself.