Team Sports


Team Sports

SavOn Sporting Goods provides teams and individual athletes with equipment, uniforms and gear needed for successful competition in baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, track and field/long distance, basketball, football, sports medicine/athletic training, volleyball, and wrestling.

Team sports are not only beneficial for children and young adults for physical health, but for a variety of other reasons:

    • Kids who play sports have a stronger ability to compete in all areas of their lives. (Yan & McCullagh, 2004)
    • They learn the importance of reaching together towards a common goal, but also to strive for personal excellence in a friendly environment.
    • Kids who play sports have been found to be more nutritionally conscious in their food choices. (Pyle, McQuivery, Brassington, & Steiner, 2003).
    • Social benefits of participation include having time with their friends outside of school, learning to solve conflicts and the ability to communicate.
    • Recognition that comes from working as a group can help individual kids feel a sense of self worth.


Schools Love SavOn!

SavOn provides schools with equipment and tools for young students. From recess accessories such as balls and jump ropes, to training equipment for student athletes, we are your sporting goods store.

    • Gym equipment; elementary to high school
    • Speed and agility equipment
    • Ladders, jump ropes, cones
    • Personal training equipment
    • Balls, jump ropes, and more!